Our Story

Our beginnings

We started out as a systems integrator, delivering IT solutions and consulting services back in 1998. We commenced cloud services in 2008, recognizing the benefits this technology would deliver to our clients.  We've been at the forefront of cloud computing since it began, overseeing some of the earliest enterprise cloud migrations.  

We know the challenges enterprises face when they move to the cloud, including how time-consuming it is to source and integrate everything required. We wanted to make this process faster for our clients. That's why we developed a library of  pre-integrated, pre-built components and a patented system for cloud development.

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Fuseforward today

We've improved cloud migration. While traditional approaches to cloud migration can take up to 24 months, today we can deliver an environment in less than 24 hours. 

We've used this process to deliver cloud environments to a diverse range of industries, from cities through to large utilities, manufacturing, sales and service organizations.

Our rapidly growing group of technology professionals are based in Canada,  yet conduct business across the globe. Today you can find our technology in use across Asia, Europe, North America and Africa. 


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