Solving Big Data Challenges 

 Smart, internet-enabled devices are bringing about massive change in the way industrial campuses and building portfolios are managed. The data collected by these devices can have a powerful impact on facility operations—providing insight that can be used to optimize services, cut costs or even reduce the overall environmental footprint of a facility. 

While this data has a lot of potential, putting it to use in industrial settings remains challenging. Large or streaming data sets generated by these devices can be difficult and costly to manage. When these large data sets are captured they are often siloed, providing only a basic snapshot of a specific function rather than the powerful analytic insight you need to optimize your services. 


About The "Intelligent Systems Research Network"

 With over twenty years’ experience managing systems and data for complex facilities, FuseForward has a long-standing interest in making the most of streaming data from smart devices and sensors. 

We have partnered with academia and other experts in the field in pursuit of the best possible applications for this data. These partnerships brought about the Intelligent Systems Research Network, a team of professionals with an interest in the application of big data to industrial campuses and building portfolios. 

Led by FuseForward, the network is working to develop solutions that bridge the gap between academia, industry and technology. Our goal is to create new tools that enable operational managers to harness the power of big data and smart devices in a way that is innovative and practical. 


Current Membership

The Intelligent Systems Research Network is made up of specialists, data scientists, architects, engineers, academics and researchers with a common interest in big data analytics, sustainability and the management and operation of complex facilities. 

Founded in 2007, the network has recently been formalized through partnerships with leading academic institutions across North America. Institutions currently participating in our network include the University of British Columbia, Ryerson, York and Simon Fraser University.

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Our Research

Our research encompasses all aspects of analytics for industrial campuses and building portfolios, including streaming data management, real-time analytics and automated control. 

We have a history of successful facility R&D project implementations.  A sample of these projects include:

  • Real-time facility analytics (current): We are using a university campus to demonstrate how real-time data analytics can be used to optimize a complex facility. We are building and deploying new predictive analytics models that will optimize campus resource consumption, including water, energy and gas. 
  • Water utility optimization: In partnership with municipal utility, we piloted an operations system that would analyze and optimize their water and waste water systems. 
  • Real-time energy analytics:  We developed new techniques for the collection and analysis of large data sets from machines and meters, creating a system that could capture, calculate and visualize real-time performance information from energy systems. 
  • Intelligent building automation: We applied data mining and machine learning to optimize the “thermal comfort” level of a building. We automated the building to maintain thermal comfort levels, decreasing energy consumption without sacrificing occupant comfort. 

Participate in our Network

We are working together to enable industrial campus managers, utility operators and building portfolio managers to take advantage of big data in a way that is both innovative and practical. We are looking for new industry or academic partners that can help us achieve this goal. 

WhY Participate?

By participating in our network, you will be able to apply real-time and predictive analytics to your operations, and also implement new, innovative control systems. 

We have a range of contribution options to suite the needs and budget of your organization. Based on your commitment level, you could have the opportunity to set your own research problem and objectives.  

What are we seeking?

  • Demonstration sites: utilities, multi-site facilities or complex building environments that incorporate a variety of sensors and devices. 

  • Large data sets: streaming data, structured and unstructured data, historical event data and third-party data. 

How Are contributions managed?

All resources contributed to the network are managed by FuseForward. Contributions will be used to fund research activities and resources, which could include: 

  • Research staff to oversee the project and analyze results.
  • Technical support, for example hosting environments, analytics software.
  • Physical devices, such as meters and sensors. 

Your contribution will go a long way—every dollar provided can potentially be tripled through government grant contributions.

Get Involved

If you're interested in taking part, please complete the form below and a member of our team will be in touch. 

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