Transforming enterprise IT

FuseForward enables large enterprises to capitalize on the cloud. We use an efficient, patented process to move applications to the cloud, integrating disconnected data sources and adding an extra layer of security in the process. The result is a secure working environment and a rich, all-encompassing source of business intelligence.

Managing complex assets

Our platform provides the foundation needed for the management of complex facilities and assets, transportation networks and industrial plants. We serve asset-intensive customers around the world through our global network of partners. 

improving cloud adoption

Traditional cloud adoption requires the customer to source a variety of hardware and software components, then integrate them all. We have improved the process, with a platform that comes equipped with all of the features an enterprise might need. Instead of undertaking a time-consuming system integration project, we start from a solid foundation. This enables us to focus on customizing the environment to suit individual enterprise requirements.  


We've seen the challenges enterprises face when they move to the cloud, including how-time consuming it is to source and integrate everything required. We wanted to make this process faster, so we developed a library of templates and a patented system for cloud development. While traditional approaches to cloud delivery can take up to 24 months, today we can deliver an environment in less than 24 hours. 

Quick facts

  • Incorporated in Vancouver, Canada in 2006, with a focus on software implementations for the asset management and utility sector.
  • Commenced delivering cloud services to our clients in 2008.
  • Hold two US patents relating to a method and system to manage complex systems knowledge (US 8595258 and US9406022). 
  • Led a five-year, $2M Research and Development partnership with leading Canadian universities, including York, Ryerson, Simon Fraser, UBC and UNBC. 
  • Certified to the ISO 27001:2013 Information Security Management System standard.
  • Provide secure cloud access and applications for over 3000 users. 


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