Get the full picture

We integrate all of your data sources in order to give you the complete picture of your business performance.  To deliver analytics, we draw on three key services.

DATA management

We bring multiple data sources together (data ingestion) and store them securely in one place. We then normalize the data, providing an enriched data source for analysis.

domain expertise

We apply our revenue management,  asset management and operational optimization experience to determine the best approach for you. 

performance visualization

We  conduct advanced analysis to get a multi-dimensional view of your business. We deliver these metrics to you on an accessible, visual dashboard.


 Our products and services


Performance visualization

View the performance metrics you care about on an accessible visual dashboard. We collect, report and visualize data from various systems in one secure place.   


  • Uncover the underlying cause for a change in profit margins.
  • Track facility operating metrics to determine which practices deliver the best results.


Real-time performance indicators

Monitor and manage your performance as it happens with early alerts to potential problems. We can handle data from streaming devices, such as your point-of-sale system or operations flow meters. 


  • Get notified of a drop in sales revenue as it happens.
  • Reduce facility energy use by viewing your consumption in real-time. 

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Predictive analytics services

Work with our domain consultants to solve a problem or implement a predictive analytics solution. 


  • Determine the future value of your facility assets.
  • Optimize your pricing and promotions.