The Need for Intelligent Operations

Intelligent operations

 The number of smart devices used by industry are growing rapidly. By 2025, approximately 80 billion devices will be connected to the Internet. These devices are likely to deliver a range of benefits to asset-intensive industries. But while they have great potential, the data generated by numerous, siloed devices will quickly become useless if it is not managed effectively. 

While the data generated by these devices can be extremely useful, it also brings new challenges. One of the biggest challenges facing industry today is the accurate management of vast amounts of streaming data—large, continuously generated sources of data delivered at a constant rate. 


Your Challenge

Operational managers want to harness the data from a range of devices and applications to uncover new insights that can improve performance.  However, analytics dashboards can only provide insight that is as good as the data underlying them—and most providers don’t have the technical capabilities to ingest, integrate, store and share data from different sources.

As a result, users are left to sort through multiple, disconnected dashboards and reports, without the chance to analyze the big picture of their performance. 

 Until now, the only way to address this problem has been to hire consultants to build a custom solution for you, a process that includes high-up front costs along with the ongoing technical burden of maintaining a custom environment. 

Our Solution: The Intelligent Operations System

Instead of providing a stand-alone tool, or undertaking a complex integration project, we deliver everything required for a streaming analytics solution in one turnkey product, our Intelligent Operations System. This system can ingest, integrate and store any application or data set, including streaming data. 

 Our system then analyzes and visualizes this data, providing comprehensive performance information within a single interface. The Intelligent Operations System has proven ability to provide insight that can improve operations and reduce resource consumption. 

The Benefits

Real-world applications

Our system has been successfully applied to complex facilities, utilities and transportation providers. It has proven ability to provide insight that can make real improvements to your operations.

See our case studies for more information:

Intelligent Transport

  • Speed-to-value: Can be configured and operational up to five times faster than other approaches.
  • Decreased project risk: Our template-based, repeatable approach to implementation enables us to decrease the risk of project delays and provide you with cost certainty.
  • Ongoing operations: Unlike other providers that leave you to look after the technology once the implementation is done, we continue to operate and maintain the systems we deliver. 
  • Security: We deliver a comprehensive security and access management service that provides an added layer of protection to the services provided by major hosting companies.

How it Works

1. Data Collection

Our intelligent operations system can ingest, integrate, store and analyze any type of data set, such as:

  • Streaming data from smart meters and SCADA systems.
  • Business application data.
  • Metering and building information.
  • Point-of-sale information.
  • Relevant third-party information or subscription data services, such as weather statistics.

2. Application INTEGRATion

Person checking assets.jpeg

Data from IoT devices needs to flow across applications and enterprise processes quickly and easily in order to generate value for your organization. 

In order to achieve streamlined application integration, many providers will lock you into a suite of applications from one vendor. FuseForward is application agnostic—meaning we can incorporate any application that would benefit from access to your operations data. 

Our system enables us to complete this process in a fraction of the time of other providers and gives you the flexibility to add, replace or update any application in the future. 

3. Storage and Security

Our Intelligent Operations System is built on our own cloud platform, and can run on infrastructure delivered by Tier 1 cloud providers such as Amazon Web Services or Microsoft Azure. You also have the option to deploy on-premise if needed. Our platform is designed to deliver:

  • High availability.
  • Security.
  • Disaster recovery.
  • Scalability.

4. Analysis and visualization

Analytics laptop.jpeg

Our system brings a wide range of disconnected data sources together to deliver the full picture of performance within a single interface. 

By applying advanced analytics across all of your data, we can provide you with a comprehensive understanding of your problems and help you uncover new ways to address them. For example, you might discover that the weather affects traffic, or that building temperature affects sales.

The Intelligent Operations System has been successfully applied in facilities, utilities and transportation providers, with proven ability to provide insight that can improve operations, reduce energy consumption and water waste.


Developing a custom solution to streamline your operations is a costly and time-consuming process, generally involving consultants, multiple suppliers and the ongoing burden of maintaining a custom environment. 

Instead of providing a stand-alone tool, or undertaking a complex integration project, FuseForward delivers everything required for a streaming analytics solution in one turnkey product.  

Ultimately our system can:

  • Improve distributed workforce management.
  • Deliver real-time performance information.
  • Show the full picture of performance within a single interface.
  • Provide analytics-based insight that can optimize your operations.

More information

If you're interested in the application of the Intelligent Operations System to your facility, city, utility or transportation network, let us know.

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