How we launch your cloud

With traditional cloud development, it's up to you to source everything you need and put it together. With FuseForward it's easy. You simply define your requirements, and we configure and launch it for you. 


1. Choose your applications

Unlike many other providers, we won’t make you stick to one type of application or vendor. We are also able to connect your existing systems with any applications offered by us or a third-party. 

orange server.png

2. Choose your infrastructure

You choose how you want to deploy your cloud. Depending on your security needs, we can deliver multi-tenant or dedicated environments, or a hybrid of both. We also offer a range of private connection options to meet increased security needs. 


3. We provision, configure and operate

As soon as you've defined your requirements, we get to work. We can assemble your cloud quickly, thanks to our patented systems and library of templates. 


Additional features

Our cloud includes features that add value to you, or your client's, business. 

application flexibility

Bring any applications you want. We won't lock you in to a vendor.

analytic expertise

We integrate, analyze and display your data on an accessible performance dashboard. 

managed services

We support your cloud with managed services included for everyone.