Choose your environment

Find the right environment to suit your application needs. Choose one of our options below, then customize it with a range of features to meet your needs and budget. 


For applications that suit a multi-tenant environment.

  • 98%—99.995% availability.
  • Scalable application containers.
  • Scales from 50 to as many users as you need.


For standard business or departmental applications.

  • 99.995% availability.
  • Up to two dedicated servers for failover.
  • Between 150 - 500 registered users.


For mission-critical enterprise applications. 

  • 99.95%—99.995% availability.
  • Up to three dedicated servers for high availability.
  • From 500 to unlimited numbers of users. 

Tailor your environment

You have flexibility to tailor features within each environment to meet your application performance and availability needs. 

We also offer a range of additional services and components, such as private network connections, VPN connections and two-factor authentication. 

Request a free consultation

Choosing the right environment for your applications is not always easy. We can help.

As part of our free consultation service, we will work with you to determine the cloud architecture and availability requirements that best suit your application needs.