About this environment

Our Business application environment is best suited to standard business or departmental applications.  Applications in this environment typically have between 150500 users. 

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Service level agreement

  • Availability: maximum 99.95%
  • Recovery point objective (normal/catastrophic): 4/24 hours

  • Recovery time objective (normal/catastrophic): 12/24 hours

Environment characteristics

  • Application deployment model: active-passive with fail-over
  • Application server tenancy: dedicated single-tenant
  • Database deployment model: active-passive

Security and reliability

All of our application environments are protected by an integrated security system that covers user, application, infrastructure and data security. This pre-integrated system includes (but is not limited to):

  • Firewalls
  • Certificates
  • Encryption infrastructure
  • Two-factor authentication
  • Network monitoring tools
  • Access control lists
  • User tokens

Disaster recovery and business continuity is also built into all of our application environments as standard.  See Managed Services for more information.

Tailor your environment

performance and availability

The Business application environment comes in three different editions: value, standard or premium. Performance and availability increases with each edition, giving you the opportunity to select an environment that meets your needs and budget.

Additional Features

In addition to increasing performance and availability, you can tailor your environment with the following features:

  • Test and development instances and pre-production environment
  • Increased storage
  • Increased back-up and disaster recovery storage
  • Dedicated private nodes
  • Dedicated identity store / directory services
  • Private network connections
  • VPN connections
  • Additional user entitlements
  • Virtual desktops
  • Two-factor authentication

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