Webinar: Mitigating cybersecurity risks for electric utilities

When it comes to electric utilities, it’s clear that hackers are getting more aggressive, both in the frequency and intensity of their attacks.

In the past year, hackers were able to compromise one of Ireland’s power grids, installing software that had the ability to intercept and translate encrypted communications. Meanwhile, more than half of US power plants experienced a hack with an attempt to take control of, or destroy, their equipment.

The risk of attack continues to grow. While new connected devices, such as smart meters, deliver great benefits—they also introduce new vulnerabilities to be exploited.

About this Webinar

We will walk you through the key cybersecurity issues facing electric utilities today. You will learn:

  • How to identify potential new cybersecurity threats.
  • Strategies that you can implement to mitigate these risks.
  • Actions you can take today to improve your security.
  • A framework for mitigating cybersecurity risks in critical infrastructure .


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