Smart Homes a Hot Topic at IoT summit

The Illinois Technology Association (ITA) will be holding its second annual Exploring the Internet of Things (IoT) Summit on November 20, 2014 to provide information and insights on the future of IoT technology. 

"Since we held the first Exploring the IoT summit last year, technology -- and what we think of as technology -- has grown exponentially," said Fred Hoch, CEO, ITA. "As each day passes, consumers are introducing more connected devices into their lives. If your organization is not adapting to these technological advances, you'll be left trying to catch up to the competition. Our summit provides the opportunity for attendees not only learn about the current state of IoT, but to contribute to the discussion surrounding the future of this rapidly changing technology."

FuseForward CEO Mark Damm will be in attendance at the event, speaking at the summit on the topic of Smart Homes/Buildings, Smart Energy Delivery and Smart Cities. View the full article on Yahoo Finance for more information.

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