Fuseforward provides enterprise-class cloud computing infrastructure and application services to asset-intensive customers and service providers, including energy producers and distributors, utilities, maintenance companies, facility managers and governments.

Our innovative cloud application platform – the "ICE Platform" (Intelligent Computing Environment) – and our suite of industry-specific business solution templates enable organizations of all sizes, from global enterprises to small and mid-sized businesses, to safely and securely leverage Cloud services to augment or replace their legacy on-premise applications and servers with new cloud applications.

Our business solutions focus on the emerging market for energy management, technical field-force automation, and performance analytics and optimization. Our solutions leverage our 20-plus years of experience in designing and implementing solutions for enterprise customers throughout North America.

Analyze + Optimize

The Challenge: How can you leverage massive flows of data from multiple sources to achieve efficiencies, optimize performance and reduce costs?

Our Solution: Fuseforward's solutions incorporate our high-performance data analytics service, machine-to-machine (M2M) communications, and performance management tools to enable customers to make sense of data from distributed sources such as buildings or building portfolios, plants or infrastructure and leverage it in real time to improve performance and reduce costs.

Enable the Mobile Workforce

The Challenge: How can you connect dispersed and mobile field workers and managers with applications and data critical to their jobs to improve company performance?

Our Solution: Fuseforward's fully cloud and web-based solutions provide the key to mobile field-force connection and automation via mobile devices, smart phones and tablets. Mobile workers need only a device, an internet connection and a password for secure access to critical applications and data – anywhere, anytime.

Turnkey Cloud Computing

Challenge: How can you leverage cloud computing to upgrade or replace legacy applications in order to improve business efficiency while reducing IT complexity and cost?

Our Solution: Our secure, fully integrated and fully managed ICE platform is a turnkey cloud environment in which our customers can run their existing applications, leverage our industry-specific application services, or build new solutions. Our ICE platform and applications are ready to work for our customers today, speeding their time to value in the Cloud.